Haus of Gloi Review

Hi there!

Yesterday I received my Haus of Gloi order in the mail. I was so excited for this, as it is my first time ordering from them. I was certainly not disappointed!

If you have not heard of Haus of Gloi, let me key you in. Haus of Gloi is a small, independently-owned vegan bath&beauty goods store. I discovered them when searching for indie perfume oil companies, but I was hooked when I realized the vast array of beauty products they sold. I was lucky to learn about them right after they put up new batches of their products- because they are such a small company, they run out quite quickly; or at least that is what I have been reading. Some of what I am going to review has been sold out, but you might want to keep it in mind for when it is back in stock.

The first product that I received was the Pineapple and Fennel chapstick. I had originally wanted a different kind of chapstick, but they emailed me to let me know that there had been an inventory error, and I could either choose a different chapstick or get a refund. It turns out, they both refunded the money AND sent the different chapstick! That alone gave me a very good impression of their customer service.

I didn’t quite like the chapstick at first; I had never had homemade chapstick before, and I was used to cloyingly sweet flavors. The fennel in this chapstick is quite strong, and is what makes it more of a savory flavor. After wearing it for a while, I realized that I did actually like it very much. The pineapple and fennel seem to dance together, and create a balanced flavor and scent. The chapstick itself is also very moisturizing, and doesn’t need to be reapplied as often as regular chapstick.

I also ordered pumpkin butter, in Vice and Honeysuckle Lemon Curd. Pumpkin Butter is similar to body butter that you may find at Bath and Body Works, but it does not leave my skin greasy and slick. This truly moisturizes my skin, and leaves it supple  and surrounded with a light wafting of fragrance. I love love LOVE the honeysuckle lemon curd; it smells just like the lemon curd I put on my toast! It is a light, almost spring-time scent, and makes me feel very refreshed. The second, Vice, smells like “Turkish coffee, marshmallow goo tainted by graham cracker crumbs, toasted hazelnuts, and blanketed in chocolate”. This description drew me in, and I had to buy it. In the jar, I can smell the coffee, hazelnuts, and chocolate, and it smells divine. However, when I put it on, it goes sour. This might just be because of my body chemistry; I don’t always have the best of luck with chocolate fragrances. I will say this though: after putting it on, my skin felt absolutely luxurious!

Next is the Pumpkin Queen Exfoliating Scrub, which has notes of peaches, clove, nutmeg, amber, and – of course- pumpkin. I used this in my bath today, and it was marvelous. A little goes a long way, both in cleansing and fragrancing the body.  It smells just like a piece of spiced pumpkin pie! Hours after my shower, I can still smell it lightly on my skin.

I also purchased a Soft Bubbling Scrub, in Satyr. This is supposed to smell like “Italian blood orange drizzled with blackened vanilla”. However, to me this smells like a rubber eraser. I did not like the way this left me smelling at all.

The last thing that I purchased was a set of 3 fragrance samples, in Scarecrow, Imp, and Cozy Sweater. I am a sucker for perfume oils, as they lay close to the skin and often smell much more unique than perfumes. These were amazing, and were quite a deal at only $2.50 each! My favorite would have to be Cozy Sweater, which has amber, musk, incense, and vanilla notes. When I tried it, I immediately thought of cuddling up under a blanket with hot cocoa and a good book. I took a chance on this one, as I usually don’t like fragrances with musk notes. However, this one blends perfectly with my skin, and is not feral in any way. My second favorite was Imp, which has passion fruit, apricot, mimosa, and grapefruit notes. This was incredible. The notes blend together very well, and it just smells like one delicious, citrusy drink. I swear, I wanted to drink it straight out of the bottle! My only drawback was that it made my skin tingle slightly, so it may not be good for people with very sensitive skin. The last one was Scarecrow; my least favorite of the three. I didn’t like this as much as the others, because it has a very dirty scent; it is supposed to smell like dust, straw, wood, and feathers. It certainly lives up to its description, but it is just not my cup of tea. I will say this though; it has a very natural, earthy scent, and I may use it in my oil warmer as a room fragrance.

After trying all of these products, I have decided that I will definitely continue purchasing from Haus of Gloi. If you want to see when they make new batches, follow them on Facebook!


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